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Ink Wing Academy’s aim is to spread a creative passion and enthusiasm for writing through engaging, unique and quality projects within schools and the community. Run and led by a highly experienced educator and Creative Writing facilitator, Michelle’s passions lie in guiding and inspiring those she works with.

Ink Wing Academy ignites minds. It unlocks hidden and true potential and finds each participant’s storyteller, poet or writer within. Tailor-made and carefully crafted writing projects promise to immerse each individual in their writing exploration, motivating them with a multi-sensory and participant centred approach.

Ink ‘Wing’ portrays Michelle’s expertise and talent of encouraging and guiding children, giving them confidence to play, explore and experiment with words through her writing workshops and projects. Ultimately creating strong, independent and successful young writers - successful adults of the future.

Play with words, notice their brilliance… and yours!

Why choose Ink Wing Academy?

The main benefits and outcomes of taking part in an Ink Wing Academy project include these main expectations and values that tap into each individual writer, regardless of ability.


Children will be:

Watch your writers take flight, believing in their own ability to write.

If you would like to discuss what Ink Wing Academy can offer your school or community group, or to book a project, please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Ink Wing Academy for:

Ink Wing Academy
For Schools

Of particular note is the current focus in KS2 on the study of the key themes within the works of Shakespeare. This project has impacted positively on the KS2 children by creating considerable interest and enthusiasm for all aspects of the literacy and language curriculum.”

Education Training Inspectorate, 2017

Available for schools to help enrich their Literacy curriculum and to help establish a culture of creativity, thinking and experimentation, Ink Wing Academy’s projects are designed to nurture each child’s ‘writer within’ as they explore and play with words, believing in their own ability to write. Each child’s confidence as a writer is encouraged and empowered in every project by immersing them in the creative process – exploring, thinking, imagining, discussing and experimenting with words, ideas, organisation, and best ways to engage an audience. The ability to creatively think outside of the box and to work collaboratively - as well as individually - is embraced fully, encouraging transferable skills for the young minds of the future.

Through inspiring, quality, encouraging and creatively charged workshops, tailor-made for a class or an identified group of children, each writer will benefit from tips and tricks, handy toolkits and visual aids to make their writing better. Children will be inspired by current, engaging topics and the additional use of film, and helpful apps (if iPads are available).

Michelle thoughtfully hand crafts and creates her own tailor-made projects for each school she works at, based on their wishes and vision. She works in close partnership with teachers and staff to maximise the impact of her projects. She also aims to help inspire staff as well as the pupils with fresh and progressive ideas, methodologies, resources. Some of the popular projects she currently runs, include…


Email: inkwingacademy@gmail.com

Call: 07849 558694


Ink Wing Academy
For The Community

Ink Wing Academy is creative outlet in the community for children and adults who would like to have opportunities to write and use their imaginations, unlocking their creativity. Ink Wing Academy’s community projects embrace hands on exploration of projects planned around their needs and their wishes.

During Ink Wing’s magical and creative projects for children, setting and character description are explored through discussion, text and by experiencing them first hand by making it. This in turn leads to engaging writing or storytelling through poetry, story writing, descriptive writing and journalism. This is achieved creatively, including the use of film, animation, drama and art. It’s all about making it fun! Any topic and project can be tailor made to meet the needs and wishes of the community group.

Examples include
A Door to Another World, World Poetry Day, My Story, My Chair, Horowitz Horror, It’s Wicked!, Summer Fun, Halloween Storytelling with Madame Zelda, It’s Magic, You’re Magic, Tell me your Fairy Tale, Junior Citizenship - Cultural Diversity.

About Michelle

After graduating with a BSc Psychology degree in London in 2000, Michelle Young (Garvey) contiuned to study a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. She began her teaching career in Special Education and did so for 5 years, with a keen interest in teaching autistic learners. After that, Michelle worked as a Year 5/6 (P6/7) teacher and SENCO for a further 5years, thoroughly enjoying the challenges of leadership and teaching. Her final teaching post included working as KS2 Leader and Literacy Leader in an outstanding school.

During her successful career Michelle also worked as a writing moderator for the Local Education Authority in Reading, Berkshire and was involved with training teachers within Reading LEA regarding achieving a high standard of writing for more able writers in Primary School. She was also lucky enough to work with Pie Corbett in a collaborative-schools 'Talk4Writing' project for a couple of years which aimed to raise standards in writing across many Primary Schools in Reading.

Also within the area of Literacy, Michelle took part in a Shakespeare for Primary Schools Project ‘As you like it’ led by Trouble Maker Theatre Company at Norden Farm, Maidenhead. She took part for four years as a teacher and was consequently trained to teach ‘Shakespeare for Kids’. Michelle is also passionate within the realms of wellbeing and emotional awareness, using writing, poetry and creativity to help tap into feelings and to enable self-expression. She has a CPD certificate from Roehampton University in Personal, Social and Health Education.

In 2014, Michelle relocated home to N. Ireland and began working as a Creative Writing facilitator and poet for The Pushkin Trust, Community Art’s Partnership’s ‘Poetry in Motion’ and Arts Care. She still works for these organisations as well as growing her own successful business. Many of the projects Michelle has facilitated have been published or showcased, including poetry in CAP’s yearly ‘Poetry in Motion’ anthology and Shared Education publications - Romeo and Juliet, ‘Alike in Dignity’, 2017 and ‘Young Minds, New Futures’, 2016.

With a rich background in innovative facilitation, special education, mainstream teaching and progressive leadership, Michelle has a wealthy tapestry of experience to share including effective Teaching & Learning in Literacy, creative and engaging Whole School planning and Progression in Writing.

The Name ‘Ink Wing'!

Where did the name ‘Ink Wing’ come from?

During her time in England, Michelle spent time in Oxford where she was inspired by the story of the historical literary group of writers who called themselves ‘The Inklings’. This group included the magically brilliant and well-known writers JRR Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. They would meet on a regular basis to discuss their writing in a small pub in Oxford. As Michelle was considering a shift from her successful teaching career to running her own Creative Writing business, she was inspired by story of The Inklings, especially since they wrote within the genre of fantasy and fiction. From this, the name Ink Wing Academy was born. ‘Wing’ portrays Michelle’s expertise and talent of encouraging and guiding children, giving them confidence to play, explore and experiment with words through her writing workshops and projects. Ultimately creating strong, independent and successful young writers - successful adults of the future.

E: inkwingacademy@gmail.com

T: 07849 558694

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